Modeling Guide

CityGML offers a lot of possibilities of modeling a building in order to meet all needs and use cases. However, this variety can also complicate the collaboration between different parties and processes at the implementation stage.

To give guidance for a meaningful or correct modeling as a kind of "crash barriers" for the modeling of buildings SIG3D has developed modeling guidelines for 3D buildings as part of their quality concept:

Modeling Guide for 3D Objects

Part 1: Basics - Rules for Validating GML Geometries in CityGML
  (Wiki, Rev 2014-01-01) Modellierungshandbuch Teil 1
Part 2: Modeling of Buildings (LoD1, LoD2, LoD3)
  (Wiki, Rev 2.0.0 of 2014-01-01) Modellierungshandbuch Teil 1


Further parts are in progress or planned.

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  Testing Guide

Depending on the application, the data of the 3D city model must meet certain requirements. A 3D city model which is used for visualization purposes must have different properties than a model that is used for energy calculations.

Many, but not all, requirements of a 3D city model can be checked by tests. In a multistage process properties of 3D city models can be tested starting with syntax checks followed by schema validation, checking of conformance requirements, geometry checks up to semantic checks.

All these tests are systematically collected, edited and compiled by the SIG3D into a Testing Guide.

This topic is rated by the SIG3D as significant and for this reason the SIG3D has performed  a joint Quality Interoperability Experiment with the OGC and  EuroSDR. The results of the OGC Quality Interoperability Experiments are incorporated into the SIG3D Test Manual.

Work on the Testing Guide are not yet complete.